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Cash is King: Everyone likes cash therefore it always makes a good prize. However, in some areas it is difficult to compete directly with government lotteries offering large sums of money for low ticket prices.

Create the perception of high value: Concentrate on "Dream Prizes" as opposed to cash. Examples include trips, weekends at resorts, dinners in fine restaurants, tickets for major sporting events or concerts and larger consumer goods that would appeal to your target audience.

Offer many prizes: So that many people win. Increasing the odds of winning increases ticket sales. For example, you might give away a hundred small items as the third prize, such as flashlights or free hamburgers at a local restaurant, or have fifty $10.00 winners.

Every ticket a winner: If possible guarantee that every ticket-buyer wins a prize worth at least the price of their ticket. For example, ticket stubs could be used for a discount on merchandise at local vendors, such as one dollar off a pizza.

Free prizes: Many local companies will be willing to donate their goods or services or offer discounts, in exchange for advertising in your newsletter, event or on the ticket itself.

Collect and use names and addresses: Collect the names and addresses of people who buy raffle tickets. Send them all letters within six weeks of the draw, to convert them to regular direct mail donors. In the letter, announce winners, state how much was raised, and ask for an additional donation. Pattern this letter after direct mail pieces, using postage paid reply options. Use this list to make sure each person who buys tickets is asked to buy again each time a raffle is held.

Make sure to comply with all laws: There is a complex array of municipal state and federal regulations affecting raffles. Be sure to follow these closely and apply for all necessary licenses.